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10 ways to use millets everyday!

  This blog is written by Nutritionist Dr. Vibhusha Jambhekar. It is said that eating smart is an art. Millets now a days are becoming popular in the young generation for their incredible health benefits. Millets are small-seeded grains from hardy plants which are capable of growing in areas where there are low rainfall and poor irrigation facilities. Millets are one of the oldest foods known to humans. They are the healthiest foods known specially in a world where we are trying to lose weight, balance our hormones and fight infections. Millets are healthier, easy to digest and more nutritious than our polished rice, chemically grown wheat or refined grains. Millets are the healthy carbs which can be included in our diets everyday for their enormous health benefits. My research on millets began with me looking for new healthy recipes to make every day! They not only helped me enrich our diet but also added the element of variety. I love experimenting with them, using them for making va

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