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Why to detox in the sacred month of Shravan?

This blog is written by Nutritionist Vibhusha Jambhekar   Nature has its way of guiding us toward optimal health and well-being, and one such beautiful opportunity arises during the sacred month of Shravan. Widely observed in the Hindu calendar, Shravan holds a special significance for devotees who engage in spiritual practices and undertake detoxification rituals during this period. Simultaneously, the month of Shravan also encourages us to reconnect with the wisdom of seasonal eating. In this blog post, we will explore why detoxification in Shravan is beneficial and why consuming seasonal foods should be a priority. Detoxification in Shravan -  Shravan is considered a spiritually potent month, making it an ideal time to cleanse the body and mind. Detoxification practices during this period are believed to enhance the efficacy of the process. While detoxification can be done at any time, Shravan offers a conducive environment due to the following reasons: Natural fasting -  Many devot

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